Hidemyass to secure your computer, you install all kinds of software - antivirus, firewalls, antispam, but you're not doing anything to protect your identity. When you're browsing web pages your IP is exposed and every website that you visit could see and record it. It could gather data about your location and your identity. This information could get in the wrong hands and to be used for malicious purpose. What you could do about it ? There are many solutions to this problem, some of them are easy to implement, some of them cost a lot of money and efforts. For example you could pay a monthly tax for a VPN, but paying the tax is not the end, you should configure your system to passtrought all of the traffic to the VPN, to test it so that you can be sure that it's really working. Here is the easiest solution when you need privacy when you browse web pages - the web proxy server Hidemyass.